A Ground Sign Is Vital To Your Business’ Success

Non-illuminated GroundOne of the best ways to get noticed is a ground sign perpendicular to the road. With a double-sided ground sign as close as possible to the street, a business’s name comes easily into view for people passing by. Depending upon the size, a ground sign could be seen 100 yards away. With such visibility, current and potential customers will easily find you.

Why a ground sign?

Exterior signs placed perpendicular to the street are one of the most effective ways of getting noticed. It is in the line of site of traffic heading both ways.

Your exterior sign reflects your organization and is the first thing your customers see, so you need your outdoor sign to be top-notch quality and professional looking.

A Non-illuminated Ground Sign.

Although an illuminated ground sign is highly beneficial, a non-illuminated sign will be just as effective during the day. Illumination can be added as spot or tract lighting. The key factors are making sure the sign is highly visible by choosing the best location, proper letter height and color contrasts.

The Benefits of A Ground Sign

There are many benefits to having a professional exterior sign. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Sparks interest: Your ground sign can grab the attention of potential customers and persuade them to come into your location.
  • Gives the upper hand on competition: In a world full of competitors, you have to outshine your competition with a ground sign if you want to succeed.
  • Professional vibe: In any business, first impressions matter tremendously. When people are passing by your business in the rush of daily life, you need to look professional at a glance.
  • Marketing for your business: A ground sign does extensive advertising for you.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Exterior Sign in Cleveland, OH?

Diamond Signs and Graphics will recommend a ground sign based on weather conditions specific to your area and local regulations that can affect the look and type of outdoor sign you select. Then our team of experts will design and manufacture a professional ground sign to make you stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

So, get a consultation today and have a professional exterior sign done by professionals.