Building Signs – DimensionalAre Dimensional Building Signs Important For Your Business Image?

Dimensional Signs stand out (figuratively and literally). Where many businesses use plain panel signs, an extra dimension adds to differentiating your company from the competition.

What Is A Dimensional Building Sign?

Dimensional signs are logos or lettering, typically made from aluminum or acrylic with a three-dimensional appearance.

The Advantages Of a Dimensional Building Sign

Marketing your business is everything in today’s world, and one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal is your outdoor signage. Let’s see the main benefits of a dimensional building sign for your business:

Versatile: The most popular materials to construct a dimensional sign are aluminum and acrylic. Both are durable and suitable for exterior use.

Elegant: The added characteristic of three-dimensional signs makes them look more elegant and sophisticated, elevating your business image.

Unique: Because three-dimensional signs are less common among businesses, you’ll distinguish yourself from your competition if you get one.

Memorable: Our brains react more intensely to three-dimensional images than two-dimensional ones. So if your sign is three-dimensional, you’re far more likely to attract customers to your business.

Why Choose Us For Your Dimensional Building Sign in Cleveland, OH?

We know the ins and outs of the sign industry, as we’ve worked with many professionals over the years. Diamond Signs and Graphics will design and manufacture a professional dimensional building sign to differentiate you from competitors and attract more clientele. Our proven approach adheres to a proven formula, and our motto is to ensure total customer satisfaction on every project we work on.

Get in touch now, and we’ll help you figure out the best dimensional sign for your business.