channel lettersOne of the most popular options when it comes to business signage today are channel letters. These dimensional letters provide a professional look with a high visual impact. Channel Letters are appealing during the day and illumination really makes them stand out at night. Diamond Signs and Graphics provides our clients high quality, creative designs for their unique needs.

Channel letters have an added advantage of being visible at night and during poor weather conditions. When illuminated, channel letter signs are visible from a distance regardless of the conditions outdoors to ensure that your potential customers do not miss your business.

We encourage our clients to invest in channel letters signs to build brand awareness of their business, stand out from the competition, and 24-hour advertising. Given the number of daily impressions, channel letter signs offer a cost-effective means of building a business.

The 2 Most Popular Types of Channel Letters

  • Illuminated channel letter signs – If you are a business that wants 24/7 advertising, illuminated channel signs are the best for you. These signs make use of LED lighting to ensure that the sign is visible during at night and even during snow and rain.
  • Dimensional letters – Although dimensional letters are not illuminated, they offer versatility when it comes to materials used. Dimensional letters can be crafted from acrylic, metals, and other materials. The design and size choices available are also quite diverse. The finished sign leaves a lasting impression on visitors and improves brand visibility for businesses.

At Diamond Signs and Graphics we take pride in our ability to provide our clients with an affordable, high quality signage solution. We can be a valuable part of your visual communications plan. Our channel letters will boost awareness and help you attract more customers. We can provide you a free consultation to help you weigh your options before you make any decision. Our experts work with you every step of the way to ensure that your experience is stress free and satisfactory.

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