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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Business vehicle wraps are on the of the best investments your company can make! Auto wraps are hard to miss and even harder to forget, making a vehicle wrap a smart investment for your business! While your marketing team may love the visibility of vehicle wraps, you’ll love the return on investment made by your ‘rolling billboard’.

Our sign company can supply and install truck and vehicle graphics, food truck wraps, trailer wraps, and more – almost every vehicle can be customized in some way! 

(Please Note: We do not install wraps as a color change to a vehicle. We also don’t install graphics such as flames, stripes, logos etc. to your car or truck. There are other graphic companies in the Cleveland area that are well equipped do a complete color change and/or add graphics to your personal car or truck.)

Visual Impressions Last Longer!

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Precision 1 300x153With their eyes on the roads, drivers are a captive audience. Businesses can leverage that advantage to the benefit of their advertising strategy. The ad agency RYP & Becker Group conducted a study which discovered that 97% of survey respondents were able to remember an ad seen on a vehicle. Additionally,  97% of survey respondents considered fleet graphics more impactful than billboards. Because vinyl vehicle wraps have the ability to showcase vibrant, full-color designs, they are a great addition to your marketing strategy.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Diamond Signs and Graphics offers fully customizable automobile and fleet wraps, as well as vehicle graphics!

Diamond Signs and Graphics, located right here in Cleveland, offers many different options for vehicle graphics and wraps, from coverage to material options. This variety allows us to recommend the right coverage and material choices for your needs, timeframe, and budget

Full Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics PetWantsPass 300x131A full vehicle wrap gives your van, truck, or car seamless coverage. At the onset of your project, our designers will measure your vehicle to create a perfectly fitted automobile wrap. Not only does a full wrap make a strong visual impact, it also offers the most protection for company cars from road wear and tear and weather conditions.

A full vehicle wrap allows for maximum advertising space for businesses. Full truck wraps can be utilized to create a sense of identity for a business like food trucks, whose customers often need the ability to discern their business from a crowd!

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics CityMissionTrailer 300x181If a full wrap isn’t right for you, a partial vehicle wrap is a great option that provides 30-70% coverage. More economical than a full vehicle wrap, a partial automobile wrap still gives clients the ability to create a large visual impact or even apply an ad wrap to their fleet. Because they are smaller, a partial vehicle wrap can often be installed quickly, and is typically focused on a section or specific panel of your vehicle, such as a hood, door panels, or back half of your vehicle.

Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics BillsCarpet 300x153Vinyl graphics are individual elements, cut from durable vinyl, that can be applied to vehicles to add information, logos, and small graphics. Individual graphic elements are easy to apply and replace, and for that reason they are a great solution for information on a vehicle that may need to be replaced frequently (like employee numbers or email addresses). We also offer door magnets, which are extremely useful when applied to temporary fleet vehicles or cars. These are a great option for many different business types, including contractors, or even those who simply live in signage restricted neighborhoods and need an easy to remove and reapply option.

FAQ: Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Graphics

Can my wrap be damaged by a vinyl vehicle wrap?  

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics DavisVan 300x152In most cases, your vehicle will not be damaged by vehicle wrapping. Vehicles that are free of paint chips or damage are the best candidates for wrapping, as vinyl wraps can be easily removed when needed. Our vehicle wrap installation team will request you to clean the surface of your automobile of any dirt, debris, wax, and other agents that may prohibit the successful application of vinyl prior to installation.

What material is a vehicle wrap made from?

Our automobile wraps are cut from high-quality, heavy-duty vinyl. Vinyl offers protection from the elements and works well for auto wraps of vehicle graphics. We apply a laminate finish to our vehicle wraps to protect your auto graphics from UV damage. Did you know that vinyl vehicle wraps can actually protect your automobile from roadway wear and tear, including scratches, dings, and weather conditions?

How long will my vinyl vehicle wrap last?  

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics GoodNatureTruck 300x206Most vehicle wraps last anywhere from 3-7 years, depending on the material used and the maintenance/storage of the vehicle. Those done with inferior products and left outside year round will find that their wrap loses its luster much faster than one that is wrapped with high-quality vinyl, like Diamond Signs and Graphics uses, and stored in a garage during poor weather will have a much longer lifespan. A wrap that has been properly installed with a quality vinyl can last up to 10 years or more. If you are looking for a short-term solution, we have the right vinyl products for that as well, allowing you to easily remove your auto decals when needed.

Am I able to have my specialty vehicle wrapped?  

Diamond Signs and Graphics offers custom vehicle wrapping for any automobile, truck, or trailer.  Our designers take measurements of the vehicle to be wrapped during your intial consultation. You may be surprised at how easy it is to customize a vehicle or fleet wrap.

Who installs my vehicle wrap?  

Custom Car Wrap InstallationWrap installation is completed by Diamond Signs and Graphics. Because vehicle wrap installation is a specialty process – one that requires training and knowledge – we prefer to install all vehicle wraps ourselves. Oftentimes smaller vehicle graphics, like auto door magnets or a small vinyl decal, are able to be installed by our customers if they prefer, but for a precision application, professional installation not only guarantees your decals will be properly aligned when applied, if there is any damage to the graphics during the installation process, they will be replaced by our staff at no charge to you. We are not responsible for damage to wraps or graphics if you install yourself or have a 3rd party installer handle the process.

Why should I invest in a vehicle wrap?

custom trailer wrapInvesting in a vehicle wrap is both a smart investment and an essential move for certain businesses. Because wraps on cars or trucks never stop advertising – even when parked – they serve as a constant advertisement. It’s simply hard to beat the number of impressions you get from an auto vehicle wrap versus other forms of advertising, especially when you consider the cost.

Fleet vehicle wraps are essential for service-based businesses who rely on their company vehicles to serve clients from. For instance, a moving company, food truck, or landscaper often does business with clients directly from their automobile. Without a storefront open to the public, vehicle wraps are a key way to show professionalism and advertise your business.

Your Vehicle Wrap Professionals!

As one of Cleveland’s highest-rated sign companies, we understand the value of professionalism and customer service. That’s why we offer a straightforward process for our vehicle wraps that utilizes clear and continual communication. There’s no automobile wrapping project too big or too small- whether it’s a car wrap for business or vinyl graphics for an entire fleet!

Cut Vinyl Emergency Vehicle WrapAt our free consultation team members will discuss the full scope of your project, take measurements, and discuss budget and time frame goals with you. Your initial consultation can be easily scheduled by calling Diamond Signs and Graphics at (216) 367-9898!

Once we’ve completed your consultation and answered all of your questions, your vehicle wrap project will move on to the design phase. You can expect our designers to communicate with you regarding branding specifications, logos, and finally – a final proof of your project. We provide this proof to obtain your approval to move on to the the production phase, and to give you the chance to have the final say on your design.

Creative Custom Commercial Box Truck WrapAfter the vehicle wrap design has been approved, your vehicle wrap will be crafted in-house, right here in Cleveland. Our production teams are able to manufacture your vehicle wraps fairly quickly at this stage.

Your last step is professional vehicle wrap installation. As mentioned above, vehicle(s) that are to be wrapped need to be free of debris, wax, and paint chips prior to installation. While installing your vehicle wrap,  our technicians take great care to ensure your wrap is precisely applied. We pride ourselves on high-quality work that makes you look like the professional you are!

 Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

The first step is free – and easy! We can’t wait to discuss your vehicle wrap project. 

Call Diamond Signs and Graphics today at (216) 367-9898 to schedule your free consultation with a vehicle graphics specialist.