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Lighted Signs

Do you want your business to rise above all the distractions near it? There is no better way to achieve it that with custom lighted signs.

Lighted Signs ZoomMonument 300x224There are numerous styles, shapes, and types of lighted signs. There are various sign types that could be used in any business, and your business could definitely benefit from some kind of backlit or lighted sign. While there are bright signs, like emergency exit indicators, which are common for most businesses, others are suitable for particular business types.

Traditional Neon Signs

While the feel and look for traditional neon signs is quite appealing to many, the repair and maintenance costs of these signs put off many people. Modern technology has introduced LED lighted signs which have a neon sign appearance and which have an extended lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

We are the partner you should consider if you are looking to have the classic neon sign feel while having to spend very little. Just get in touch with us, inform us about your needs, and we shall make it a reality.

Lighted LED Signs

Lighted Signs TRG1 300x225It is now possible to achieve the neon look with high-efficiency, low-energy LED bulbs. LED signs tend to create a similar retro vibe and with a more environmentally friendly footprint.

Besides the classic neon, LED lighting boasts of numerous signage applications. Cabinet signs and channel letters can as well benefit from some backlighting. Lighted signs can help light up a business in the dark and could be particularly useful for late-night businesses like nightclubs, theaters, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Lighted Signs BalanceSolutions1 300x252Beside storefronts, LED and neon signs are also perfect for indoor purposes, like in the form of some lighted AVAILABLE sign. Additionally, there are too many ways through which you can use them to promote an aspect of your business. For instance, a restaurant seeking to provide a smooth flow of customers will highlight the order and pickup desks with lighted signs.

And the beauty is that these signs could be customized to match your imagination and suit your needs. We have a team of skilled sign designers who are just waiting to transform your ideas into a reality.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

For businesses that are looking to go high-tech, we could create programmable LED message Centers. These magnificent signs could be used on their own or as part of other signs, like on a storefront.

LED Digital Message Centers have many advantages over the standard neon signs. It is possible for you to include some custom messaging which can be updated at a time of your choice, and also add multiple color options. Some models will even offer you some eye-catching graphics.

All-Year LED Sign Company

We are always willing to assist you with all aspects of your LED and neon signs production process, from design to installation and repair. Choosing us to create your custom design is a guarantee that you will be working with a quality sign partner as well as enjoy a high-quality sign.

Being an all-rounded signage shop, we are always prepared with equipment that enables us to create any business signage you might need from lobby signs to interior signs, exterior signs to trade show displays, commercial vehicle wraps to ADA signage.

Free Consultation

Get ahead of your competition with the custom-made lighted signs made by our company.

Call Diamond Signs and Graphics today at (216) 367-9898 for a Free Consultation with a Neon Sign Specialist!