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Covid 19 Products


Encourage safe practices for your patrons, employees and guests! Diamond Signs & Graphics is prepared to meet your needs with customized solutions for:

• Offices & Factories
• Hospitals & Nursing Homes
• Medical Facilities
• Restaurants & Retail Locations
• Fitness Centers


The NoviSign Digital Hand Sanitizer is a combination hand sanitizer and digital display which offers a unique way to keep your employees and visitors safe while conveying hygiene best practices and information:

• Touchless Dispensing
• Generous Supply of Liquid, Gel, or Foam SanitizerNoviSign Hand Sanitizer
• Convenience to Location
• Easily Change Digital Content From Anywhere
• Simple Refill of Hygiene Internal Reservoir
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Includes Wi-Fi Or Ethernet Programmable LCD Screen Ideal For:

• Directional Information
• Advertisements
• Looping Videos
• Public Service Announcements
• News, Weather Or Traffic
• Social Media Feeds
• Employee Communications
• Accepts PNG, JPEG, JPG, PPT and MP4 Media

The Bannitizer Sanitizing Station is a simple solution that offers safety for your customers, employees, and guests in a single package. It’s perfect for entryways, hallways, break areas, lunchrooms, and any area where people pass by or congregate:

• Light Weight and Portable Covid 19 Products Hand Sanitizer Graphic 5 150x150
• Attention Grabbing Single-Sided Vinyl Graphic
• Telescoping Pole For Easy Setup
• Variable Height Graphic: 60”- 83”
• Battery Operated Sanitizer Dispenser With Lock
• Adjustable Feet on Anodized Silver Base
• Supplied With Carry Bag With Strap
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In this new normal of doing business, every company and retail shop needs signage and graphics to help make their customers, employees, and guests feel comfortable and safe. Diamond Signs & Graphics can provide these customized solutions:

• Exterior Signage • Window DecalsCovid 19 Products Brassica Floor Decal 150x150
• Floor Decals • Standing Signs
• Interior Signage • Restroom Signs
• Directional Signage
• And, Much More
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For Complete Information Contact:

Mark Bailin
Phone: 216-367-9898, Ext 101